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About Me

Compassionate cleaner delivering homes' pristine transformation.


CEO, Levitations

Levitations Cleansed & Purified intention is with every clean, you are embraced with welcomeness and relief. Making your home smell, feel and shine like new. Not only leaving a levitating aroma but completing a mission of leaving your home dust, germ and bacteria free. Before working as a cleaner, Lysandra worked as a caregiver on the cancer unit at Tampa General Hospital for 5 years. Lysandra was taught precise ways to disinfect and how to prevent germ transfer from patient to patient. Those skills have been applied to Levitations cleaning routine to keep her clients home safe ,germ and bacteria free. Not only is Levitations known for her reasonable, reliable and thorough work. Many clients express Lysandra as genuine, bubbly, trustworthy, mindful and one once said “a great ray of sunshine.


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